Pakka is an action comedy film directed by debutant S. S. Surya under the Benn Consortium Studios (P) Ltd banner. Pakka movie features Vikram Prabhu in dual roles alongside Nikki Galrani and Bindu Madhavi as the female leads and Soori and Sathish providing the comedic relief.

Pakka film starts off showing a suicidal Bindu Madhavi with her head down on the railway tracks and we are introduced right then to Vikram Prabhu, who jumps in at the nick of time to save her from the clutches of what would have been instant death. 

Upon saving her, Bindu Madhavi queries Vikram Prabhu why he chose leave her. A confused Vikram Prabhu then goes on to retort back saying he has no reason to run away from her and lays out the truth to her that he is not who she thinks he is. 

Bindu Madhavi, who thinks the Vikram Prabhu who saved her is her lover Pandi is in fact Dhoni Kumar, a lookalike. It is at this juncture that the flashback begins.

The flashback kicks off showing Vikram Prabhu as Pandi, who makes a living as a doll salesman. In the same village, Bindu Madhavi, the daughter of the chairman has her eyes set on Pandi and is in love with him.

At one point, Bindu Madhavi’s family comes to know about her relationship and she decides to flee her home and goes in search of Vikram Prabhu, who has left the village to attend a festival at a nearby village. Her efforts to find Vikram Prabhu keep turning into failures as she is unable to locate him anywhere and the flashback comes to an end.

At this point, Vikram Prabhu as Dhoni Kumar steps forward to help Bindu Madhavi and he begins narrating his flashback where we are shown him being a Dhoni fan and in love with Nikki Galrani, who is a Rajini fan. Although they start off fighting, love blossoms eventually between the two. As time flies by, a gruesome incident takes place and Dhoni Kumar’s life takes a big turn.

First up, Pakka from a narrative perspective shifts from flashback to flashback, but offers very little for the viewer to remain engaged till the end. The makers have tried their best to tell a story that offers two different plots in one film, but just isn’t appealing enough to keep us engrossed all the way.

On the performance front, Vikram Prabhu, Bindu Madhavi and Nikki Galrani have done their best to provide performances as best to their abilities. As for the comedy in the film, Soori provides a few laughs in the first half while Sathish appears during the second half.

C. Sathya’s music is average, but shines in the background score department on a few occasions. The same can be said about cinematographer S. Saravanan who is complimented well by editor G. Sasikumar.

Had director S. S. Surya laid more emphasis on the film’s story, we could have had a film that would have been a wholesome fun entertainer. Vikram Prabhu’s efforts to showcase himself as a mass hero is passable, but the actor can still emerge on top provided he sharpens his histrionics furthermore since there is much potential in him.

Thumbs Up:

Satisfactory performances from the film's lead stars

Film hits the high note on the technical front

Thumbs Down:

Lack of an engaging story

Jokes tend to tread on double meaning lines

Songs are average