When setting out to make Nibunan, director Arun Vaidyanathan seem to have the plot points clearly laid out. For ardent cinema fans who love great detailing in a movie, this flick is a treat to watch as there is something to look out for in every other scene.

Arjun’s 150th film, produced by Passion Studios had definitely left its mark felt for a long time to come. Nibunan is a superb fit for the young looking actor who has done phenomenal justice to the role. Be it a confident cop hunting down the criminal or a friendly teammate with his colleagues, Arjun’s charming looks and presence makes the film enjoyable throughout the run time.

Serial killing is what the entire plot is based on and it is up to the team led by Arjun including Varalaxmi and Prasanna to find the motive of the killer. For audiences who may have watched Malayalam movies, it might sound familiar but for the Tamil audience it is a fun ride with lots of twists and turns as the team unveils the secrets by making use of even the smallest clue they get.

Every time, the killer murders a person he leaves a trial of evidences which are confusing yet makes sense if you look at it in the right direction. Arjun works while overcoming his personal issues and the need to protect his colleagues in this dangerous mission. The less you know about the film’s plotline, the more fun it will be in the theaters.

Playing a cop is a walk in the park for action king Arjun who breezes through the role with ease. He’s simply mature, handsome and most importantly provides the right level of seriousness throughout the investigation. An equally impressive performance is lent by Prasanna and Varalaxmi. While the former is soft spoken and a deep thinker, the latter shares her ideas openly all the time while being fun whenever the scenes would allow.

Nibunan is more about the story and doesn’t have any unnecessary songs or deviations making it believable right from the start. While the film does tend to lag in scenes where the emotional aspect of Arjun’s family is revealed, it does cope up once the story picks pace again in the second half. Background score by Navin elevates scenes to a spine chilling moment while DOP Arvind Krishna has done a clean job of maintaining the gloomy mood.

Thumbs Up

·         Arjun’s energetic and plausible screen presence as an investigative officer

·         Brilliant supporting cast by Prasanna and Varalaxmi

·         Musical score by Navin renders the right mood to many important scenes

·         Director Arun Vaidyanathan’s story and screenplay

Thumbs Down

·         The part where the story slows down showcasing family sentiments could be trimmed down

Verdict – An engaging investigative thriller