Nenjil Thunivirundhal directed by Suseenthiran is an action thriller movie which picks up the pace from the first scene and the narrative continues to stay strong till the end. Production house Annai film factory has picked the right filmmaker to deliver a commercial entertainer that doesn’t falter at any point.

With a strong cast including Sundeep and Vikranth, the director has woven a script which focuses on the individual problems but also has a hand on the social issues such as the things that go in the world of doctors and students who are still in medical college.

Vikranth and Sundeep are close friends while the latter’s sister falls in love in Vikranth. Meanwhile, the local gangsters are after him and wants to make sure he is dead for reasons unknown. Sundeep goes on a quest to save his friend and find the people behind it with the help of the cops as his late father used to be in the police department.

When it comes to performance, both Sundeep and Vikrant have done an amazing job in portraying their respective characters. Sundeep gets better screen space and he looks natural as an aspiring youngster while does fight sequences with great realism. The heroine of the film Mehreen appears for a short time and does her job ably.Harish Uthaman is a standout villain who thinks and doesn’t shout loud with a sharp view till the very end.

Cinematography is a strong point for Nenjil Thunivirundhal because majority of the film’s important scenes are night shots that are captured brilliantly. Music by D Imman delivers some melodies and is strong in the background score to appropriately boost the revenge mood of the movie.

Director Suseenthiran is the maker behind the best action films like Pandia Naadu in the past and he proves once again that he is at ease when narrating simple, action packed scripts of a common man going against powerful gangsters. Powered by a strong technical team and a very natural cast who are good at what they do, the movie is an enjoyable watch for action fans.

Thumbs Up
• Vikranth and Sundeep are great picks as they excel in every scene
• Background score by D Imman
• Cinematography by Laksham brings the night scenes to life

Thumbs Down
• Some scenes are very similar to the director’s previous movies and creates a sense of Déjà vu

Verdict –Guaranteed action flick with a perfect blend of commercial story and social message