Bringing a whole lot of elements into the storyline, the screenplay for Munnodi is like walking a tight rope in circus that director SPTA Kumar has done professionally till the climax of the movie.

Once again, it has been proven that a movie which has mostly debut cast including hero Harish, heroine Yamini Bhaskar, powerful supporting roles Manthira Moorthi played by Arjuna, the police commissioner Pavel and everyone else can still be engaging in the theaters.

Harish is a guy who misses his mother’s love because she is busy doting his younger brother who’s born with a disease that may kill him anytime. In his attempt to find solace, he joins the local don and his group committing petty crimes now and then. He also falls in love with Yamini and soon realizes his younger brother’s affection on him which is when things turn bad for everyone involved due to betrayal.

For first time performers, Harish had done a commendable job and is very strong in his role. Despite so many characters in the movie, it is the gangster lead Arjuna and the police officer Pavel who take the entire story of Munnodi forward with their powerful performances. It wouldn’t be surprising if we soon see them in other movies in important roles. Yamini looks bright and charming while his friends does their usual part in drinking, dancing and helping him love his girl. Sithara’s comeback as a sentimental mother aptly fits the storyline the director has envisioned.

Munnodi has its strong point in the technical aspects, especially the opening fight sequences and the Remya Nambesan’s Akkan Pakkam song which is foot tapping. The grand visuals combined with fast beats make it a delight to watch on screen. The film feels a bit amateurish in some places and has a dragged climax but in the end it feels good as a satisfying watch.

Thumbs Up

• Director SPTA Kumar had done a great job in coming up with a strong script without any confusion and delivering the story despite having a team of newcomers.

• Akkam Pakkam song is fast paced, fun to watch on screen and could go viral

• The characters, be it the gangster leader or the police commissioner had been handled with realism

• Stunts are a huge plus for Munnodi combined with close-to-life camerawork

Thumbs Down

• The love portions are very familiar and doesn’t add any strength to the movie’s main storyline

• The climax is bit lengthy and could have been trimmed down a bit


Impressive effort by a team of newcomers