Thothalum Jeichalum Meesaya Murukku, the title card begins with a bang and the crazily addictive background score by Hip Hop Tamizha Aadhi is spread throughout the film, be it during college life, love, friendship or the fight to find a name for oneself.

Avni Movies and Rockfort Entertainment should be congratulated for bringing a fresh, college script after a long break and the movie will instantly strike the right chord among current students and those who have enjoyed(!) their Engineering days. While the musician, screenplay writer, director and many more avatars, Aadhi didn’t explicitly claim Meesaya Murukku is a musical treat, the film’s 2 hour or so run time is all about the songs and background score.

The coming of age story follows the life of Aadhi, the young boy who has a unique and respected dad Vivek. He teaches him the beauty of Tamil that inspires Hip Hop Tamizha when he decides to make music as his profession. As with all youngsters, he falls in love with a girl and along with his friend RJ Vignesh among many others goes through different phases of student life before he reaches adulthood.

While the general audience would have a decent time at the theaters, it is the youngsters who are going to have a blast with it. The term ‘Gethu’ has been redefined in multiple slow-motion shots with loud yet foot tapping BGM. There’s a song almost every 15 minutes but you are sure to love the experience when you know what you are getting into.

A bunch of familiar faces from Youtube are spotted all over the movie. Aadhi as the lead plays as himself which makes things easier and he’s just spot on in this film. Whether he could be a full time actor is something to be found only when he gets into script oriented films. RJ Vignesh steals the show as his comedian friend and it won’t be surprising if he gets more movie offers to jump from Smile Settai to Kollywood.

Vivek is the familiar face amongst youngsters and the veteran actor has once again proved he’s not a mere comedian but a powerful character artist. He carries some of the kickass scenes in his shoulders with some sentiment at times. Be it the Madras Central guys or the Shaa Raa as a kind of villain, along with a fun-filled college love story makes it a good watch. Technically, screenplay and camera work is kind of not up to the mark but it’s hardly recognizable.

Meesaya Murukku is an Aadhi and his team’s entertainment package all the way and their creative work would sure rock theaters while being fun and inspirational for aspiring youngsters.

Thumbs Up

·         Aadhi, as an actor and a music director shows brilliance in his work

·         RJ Vignesh is a great debut as a comedian and lots of amazing Youtube stars on screen

·         Vivek as the responsible dad is memorable

·         Songs, background score adds pep to the scenes   

Thumbs Down

·         Cinematography could have been done better and the slow scenes at times are luckily saved by the songs

Verdict – An inspirational musical treat for the aspiring dreamers