After producing a chunk of movies which were celebrated for great content, CV Kumar has chosen Maayavan to direct and he has been successful in this venture too. Bankrolled by Thirukumaran entertainment and distributed by Studio Green and Abi & Abi Pictures, Maayavan stars Sundeep Kishan, Lavanya Tripathi, Jackie Shroff and Daniel Balaji along with many other prominent known faces.

Ghibran has added his music to this movie to bring it to a different level of experience along with Gopi Amarnath's Cinematography and Leo John Paul's editing. The team together has added lot of value for this science fiction thriller that has a known concept in an unknown pattern, presented in a slick screenplay.

The story starts with Sundeep chasing a petty thief and then he encounters a cold blooded murder. When he shifts his focus to this incident, he gets caught in a fight and his medical condition takes a new shape leading to many confusions and complications that tighten the screenplay.

The story revolves around the questions that push Sundeep take a big risk and with every turn of incidents, audience go to the edge of the seat. You must not miss this movie if you are looking for a movie that feeds your mind with puzzles and you will go solving it as the movie moves forward yet there will be a big surprise for you at the end.

A minor miss here and there can be easily negotiated to the solid screenplay and excellent performance from every actor. The cast is so perfect that each one of them give life to the screenplay to a different level and this engaging crime thriller is a perfect welcome movie for CV Kumar as a director.

We have seen many movies based on the exploitation of technology but this one will be completely different for you and there is a big surprise towards the end which will make you really think a lot about how the society is moving forward. Not just entertainment, the movie also talks about the current scenario and how things need to go, though it is not verbally out there.

Thumbs Up

. Slick screenplay

. Soothing cinematography

. Running time

. Brilliant BGM

Thumbs Down

. Dragging first half compared to second half but the movie is overall an entertaining thriller

Verdict  - Don't miss Maayavan if you are looking for a gripping thiller!