Another director makes his journey from the workd of short films to the big screen and a failry successful one at that. Nithilan impresses with his directorial debut, which is a thriller drama starring veteran director Bharathiraja and Vidharth in prominent roles.

Kathir is a driver whose father Sundaram works for Ekambaram, a criminal. Kathir lives in Chennai while his father is in Tanjore. He does not approve of his father's alliance with Ekambaram, but does not say much. On one of his rides he finds a bag containing a valuable item. Thus starts his journey to find the owner of the bag which leads him to his father. The various misadventures, highs and lows form the rest of the story.

Vidharth continues to impress with his understated roles and as Kathir he once again manages to connect with audience. Bharathiraja as Sundaram is a treat to watch. Another stand out performace is by Kumaravel. He is so good in being bad. P.L Thenappan as Ekambaram is gives good support. 

The screenplay is the strength of the movie. No scene seems out of place, the songs too add to the narrative effectively. NS Udhayakumar’s cinematography, Abhinav Sundar Nayak’s editing and Ajanesh Kumar’s music, all contribute to taking the story forward. 

All in all Nithilan has managed to give us a movie that stays with us even after we leave the theatre.

Thumbs Up

* Bharathi Raja and Vidharth's performance

* Screenplay 

Thumbs Down

* Too slow and short

* The non-linear screenplay may confuse a lot of audience, making it difficult to connect with the story.


Verdict - Just an okay-ish watch!