Director: Partheipan
Starcast: Shanthnu, Partheipan, Parvatii Nair, Simran, Thambi Ramaiah

Rangarajan (Partheipan), a driver with the local travels company is appointed to serve and assist Kevin (Shanthnu) who is a young NRI visiting Chennai for an official purpose. During his stay here, he falls for a pretty woman named Mohini (Parvatii Nair), the domestic help at the place he stays. Kevin later gets to know that Mohini is Rangarajan's wife. Knowing this, does Kevin stay away from her or does he take this 'liking' for her forward? The movie answers all these questions... And... It isn't as simple as it sounds. There is an unexpected twist in the end!

Thumbs up:

It's a pleasure to watch Partheipan on screen with his signature dialogue delivery and comic timing.

Shanthnu displays a great knack for underplay and restraint that suits his role perfectly.. And he also lets it shine bright when it has to - his dance sequences!

The background score is a big plus as it amps up the film at necessary parts.

Humour has worked out well. Parthiepan's role and diaogues give us a few laughs.

A totally unpredictable climax.

Thumbs down:

The film cannot be watched with family.

The wait for the climax is too long.

VERDICT - Go, watch Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga for its fresh plot, bold execution and an unexpected climax.