Every time director Muthaiah and Sasikumar come together, it is easy to predict that they are going to narrate a story filled with lots of sentiments, gore and villains set in a rural backdrop. Kodiveeran is no different but alas the film falls big time for the average movie goer.

While many try to justify that the film is meant for B and C center audiences, it is tough to believe that a person in South Tamil Nadu could be so brainless to accept every boring cliché dialogs thrown at them and the tediously long screenplay which has nothing interesting throughout its run time.

The movie has more cons than pros despite the fact that it has one of the best casting with three strong heroines, Pasupathi and Sasikumar himself who can effortlessly handle village guy roles in many of his movies. Right from the start, everyone is either throwing punch dialogs to celebrate the hero or to provoke the villain.

“Un usira edukama vida matten” is just one of the many repeated lines that keep coming back. Poorna is Pasupathi’s sister and they belong to the dark side while Sasikumar’s sister is Sanusha and Viddharth’s is Mahima Nambiar who falls in love with Sasikumar. The entire movie is about revenge and avenging the wrong doers while being perfectly right in their own stand which gets extremely annoying with a massive run time.

Sasikumar easily fits in the role and needs no big credit as he has done it many times. Sanusha steals the show with her bubbly performance while Bala Saravanan’s one liners work out. Poorna’s dedication to shave her head and a versatile actor like Pasupathi are literally wasted in stereotype village roles where they keep screaming all the time.

Kodiveeran has lots of work to be done to be made fun even for the proposed audience because films like Paruthi Veeran and even Muthaiah’s own Komban were done in a much better way than this one which lacks in solid screenplay and promising character development.

Thumbs Up

·         Very good casting and the attention to detail on village rituals

·         Sasikumar, Sanusha does a great job in evoking the sister sentiment despite with some annoying build up dialogs

Thumbs Down

·         Screenplay is one of the worst with really long first half and even slow second half

·         Editing some of the scenes would definitely make it more watchable but sadly they didn’t

·         Repetitive Sasikumar and Muthaiah styled movies hardly deliver the quality Kollywood has set with other movies

Verdict – Kodiveeran with a poor and boring screenplay despite so many characters depends only on cliches.