A movie that doesn’t take detours and focuses on the primary adventure at hand is fun to watch. Indrajith maintains the pace by focusing on the quest the lead team led by Gautham Karthik and his professor which is engaging right from the beginning.

While a lot of filmmakers believe adventure genre is tough in Tamil cinema, director Kala Prabhu has proved them wrong and definitely the production side being in his favour allowed him to push a lot of amazing graphics and CGI work to make the story as authentic as it could get.

Gautham Karthik is a shrewd young guy who is always looking out for trouble but his attitude becomes a big plus when he joins professor Sachin Khedekar who is looking for an ancient stone that has miraculous healing powers. However, Sudanshu Pandey who is head of Indian archaeology wants it for the government and the race begins. Armed by an ancient map, the team goes through the jungle facing wild animals, tribes and rebels before reaching their destination.

In terms of storyline, the director draws some simple lines from movies like Indiana Jones and admits it which makes it all the more appealing. Gautham Karthik has a fun persona and it keeps the movie going even though his character as Indrajith is not etched out to its full potential. He’s smart and easily carries the film while Sudanshu does a strong role. The rest of the crew has very little to do, especially the heroines because of the movie’s script.

The technical team and the CGI team are the real heroes of Indrajith as they have weaved magic on screen by bringing breathtaking mountains, waterfalls and even animals to life. Camera work by Rasamathi is just brilliantly superb making it a visual treat while the action sequences add authenticity to the film and makes it engaging throughout.

While Indrajith is an amazing adventure on all respect, the songs and comedy sequence could have been skipped. The movie has its heart and soul resting on the exotic locales, fights and some grand CGI work which makes it a engaging walk till the very end.

Thumbs Up

·         Indrajith’s heart and soul lies in its amazingly well-done CGI work

·         Gautham Karthik is an apt young explorer who impresses

·         Camera work and background score keep the tension intact

Thumbs Down

·         The film has very little space for the songs which could have easily been reduced in numbers

Verdict – An exotic jungle adventure, Indrajith will mesmerize with its visuals and stunts