Enga Amma Rani is a family drama that is supposed to be gripping and revolve around the central character played by Dhansika.

And, the actress deserves no less than a standing ovation for playing the role of a mature mom of two grown up daughters. Everything about her is perfectly done right from the scenes where she breaks down or the moments of truth where the character has to face crisis with a bold face.

While the movie could have been much better, Enga Amma Rani ends up as a melodrama that is painfully long with a very thin plotline. Even though, the storyline isn’t such a bad choice, the filmmaking, sound design and other technical aspects of the movie make it very inconsistent right from the start.

An amateurish look prevails throughout the film. Dhansika is the mother of two twin girls and there’s a problem around the corner as soon as their dad goes missing. When she is still coping up from the problem, one of her daughter falls sick while the other one starts behaving mysteriously.

A touch of horror element has been handled in Enga Amma Rani. In terms of cast, there is very minimal and Dhansika has done her part as good as the storyline would allow. Music is by Ilayaraja but there is hardly any tunes or BGM that denotes his presence. The movie looks and sounds outdated like a television series which is just okay to sit through.

Thumbs Up

• Very decent and realistic performance by Dhansika. Mature and delivers what the script needs

• The film’s plot line is fantasy yet has authenticity to it. If presented in the right style, it could have been a much better outing.

Thumbs Down

• Exceptionally weak in the technical aspects, be it camera work, music or ambient sound design.

• Outdated television series styled dialog delivery and scenes make it tough to sit through


A decent plotline let down by outdated making style