Director Prashanth’s debut film Bruce Lee is another dark comedy that has graced the theatres of Tamil Nadu this Friday. Starring GV Prakash and Kriti Kharbanda, this film has music composed by the former himself. The one-liner of the story s extremely simple – Bruce Lee (played by GV Prakash) and his friend Abbas (played by Bala Saravanan) along with their lovers run for their life after being chased by a menacing don. Why are they being chased? Will Bruce be able to save his dear ones from the tragedy? Watch the film to know the answers.

GV Prakash’s act as a cowardly man in life is commendable and he has improved a lot performance-wise.

Also, he has concentrated more on the songs and background score and it has helped a lot in elevating a haphazard script.

Motta Rajendran’s appearance brings the much-needed laughs in the climax. The scene where he imitates Ajith and Vijay brings

Munishkanth tries extremely hard to bring in Marlon Brando’s Godfather act in his performance but fails miserably.

Director Prashanth has picked a weak plot and should have concentrated more on making the screenplay better.


A watchable affair with few laughs.