When treating the horror genre, Kollywood has lost its touch if the cult classic hits from the past like Yaar and Uruvam to be quoted at this point. Almost every other movie is diluted with too much in the name of comedy and hardly a plot to talk about.

Most characters in a horror movie will die one by one until the real reason behind the ghost’s revenge is revealed towards the climax. Director Milind Rau and Siddharth, who has co-written the script of Aval deserve a standing ovation for breaking every horror cliché scene in Tamil cinema and delivering an amazingly well-done scary movie.

From another perspective, Aval breaks the stereotype amateur horror films and comedy genre in Indian cinema because this flick is released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi at once providing a spine chilling treat for the audience.

Aval truly justifies the Adults Only certificate because right from the numerous romantic and kissing scenes between Siddharth, Andrea to establish their intimacy to the undiluted, gruesome horror sequences, the movie could easily test your saturation levels before you finally decide to shut your eyes or at least your ears to avoid the nauseating scary atmosphere.

Siddharth and Andrea are newly married living in Himachal Pradesh when a new family moves next door. Atul Kulkarni’s daughter Anisha gets haunted by a ghost in their house. Siddharth who is a doctor and a neuro surgeon in association with a psychiatrist and even a voodoo magician tries to save Angelina while trying to push the ghost out of the house.

The plot is more than enough for any horror movie but instead of using the tedious jump scares and unwanted loud noises, director Milind in association with his brilliant technical team makes use of picture perfect cinematography and meticulously done sound design to bring the scary quotient to the narrative.

At more than two hours, the film is a gripping horror ride where Siddharth and Andrea have done an awesome job whereas it is Anisha who gets to play most as the teenage girl haunted by a ghost. Atul Kulkarni has a mature performance whereas the entire supporting cast does a fabulous job in maintaining the serious tone.

Cinematographer Shreyaas Krishna, musician Girish G and the art director of the movie ensured it is on par, possibly better than most Hollywood horror flicks you might have seen. Films like Conjuring, Exorcism and Evil Dead have all inspired Aval but the film stands in its own respect and sets a new benchmark for Indian cinema while also being a true horror flick for hardcore fans.

Thumbs Up

·         The most technically brilliant film in recent times

·         Siddharth and Andrea have enacted some bold scenes without a fuss

·         Makeup, VFX and art direction make Aval extremely horrific at times

·         True horror movie without songs or unnecessary comedy portions

Thumbs Down

·         The run time could have slightly been shortened

Verdict – Stunningly terrifying horror flick for hardcore fans