Some movies are aptly called a silent killer or a sleeper hit and this is one. Certain teams just keep the noise low and speak through their movie like the team of Aruvi. It has been creating lot of hype and expectation from the first look and the posters that raised eyebrows and the very fact that the movie was given a standing ovation by critics just added more weightage.

It is not dark all together, there are points where you go giggling and it is not a comedy entertainer, because it will put you through tears. Aruvi is that film that will slap you silently and that silence will kill you. This is a perfect launch for the debutant director Arun prabhu and debutante Aditi Balan.

It is a story of a simple girl with an unusual volume of courage and the way she questions the society is satire and sarcastic. You cannot judge her at any angle because she will confuse you with multiple other view points. Aruvi is a film which you should not sit to watch to judge but to allow yourself to go throguh a self analysis of what is life.

Where do we draw the line of friendship? Where do the draw the line of trust? Where do we draw the line of morality? Where do we draw the line of justice? Where do we draw the line of love? Where do the draw the line of life? Do we or can we draw is all the questions Aruvi will make you ask.

Don't watch Aruvi if you are not ready for a roller coaster ride of emotions but don't miss Aruvi is you can just let go and be with her and for her. It is a good decision that they decided to cast a new comer and Aditi Balan is a perfect choice who is winning hearts with her performance.

The screenplay is equally good where you get humour at unlikely places and that adds more depth to the script as a whole. The overwhelming response from the critics in unison has given the courage to the theatre owners to allot big screens to Aruvi.

Aruvi is directed by Arun Prabu Purushothaman, produced by Dream Warrior Pictures and the cast includes Aditi Balan, Anjali Varathan, Muhammad Ali Baig, Kavitha Bharathi, Lakshmi Gopalswamy, Pradeep Antony & Others. 

Aruvi is not for entertainment seekers. Watch it if you are ready to laugh and weep at the same time..