Vijay Antony has created a massive name for himself among movie goers because his films always carries a social message, close to life and delivers an engaging screenplay which is quite fun to watch in theaters. Annadurai is directed by G Srinivasan and produced by R Pictures and Vijay Antony Film Corporation.

In Annadurai, the musician who has promoted himself as an actor, editor and once again as a producer has experimented a lot yet it is within the boundaries of Kollywood with a script most audiences will be able to connect to. Playing dual role is just the beginning of many stereotypes he has broke in the film directed by G Srinivasan.

Right from the trailer, Annadurai was intriguing as everyone wanted to know how the dual role script has been handled. In terms of story, the one liner is quite simple as it is about the tale of two twins who take different tracks in life. Annadurai is sulking over his lost lady love who dies in an accident while Thambidurai is a PT master and leads life in a more streamlined manner. When an accidental problem changes Annadurai’s life, it invariable affects Thambidurai as well as his entire family to unprecedented levels.

It is easy to award Vijay Antony as the most subtle star award as he delivers dialogs in a silent manner yet they are punchy enough to root for the hero. “Naa adichathe illa, epdi adipenu kooda teriyathu” is a solid example. Even though, he doesn’t try hard to show difference between the two characters, the dual role easily connects with the story.

With multiple heroines in Annadurai, each one of them have done their part to the best. Diana Champika, Mahima and Jewel Mary share screen space as they travel throughout the storyline rather than being typical heroines who may vanish after a song. A big plus for the movie is that apart from the single romantic number there aren’t any songs that stick out of the story and montage shots keep the scenes moving on at a rapid pace.

Director G Srinivasan has come up with a promising debut in Annadurai which is a melodramatic family drama about two look-alike brothers and the problems they face due to circumstances. Music and editing is once again by Vijay Antony. He has some decent numbers which is not on par with his previous films whereas as an editor, he should have trimmed the run time to just two hours which would have made it a crisp watch.

Annadurai has a generous mix of action combined with plenty of emotional and family sentiments which makes it a viable pick as a weekend watch for the entire family.

Thumbs Up

·         Vijay Antony delivers polished acting skills and shines in other areas as well  

·         A movie that gives equal importance to heroines who have acted in a realistic manner

·         Camerawork by Dillraj brings action sequences and night shots to life

Thumbs Down

·         The run time of the film could have been trimmed down a bit

Verdict – Annadurai is an emotional melodrama with enough action sequences to engage the audience