What happens when the maker of crap adult comedies and the master of big words meet? You get Anbanavan Asarathavan Adangathavan, a movie that’s nearly three hours of hero worship that could test the patience level of even die-hard Simbu fans! A bunch of people decided to walk out of the theaters at least thirty minutes before the film ended. The shortest review is this incident but here’s a long version if you are still interested in knowing more…

Director Aadhik Ravichandran debuted with one of the iconic films which was supposed to be the American Pie of Tamil cinema but rather turned out to be a movie for ‘Virgin Pasanga’ that mostly invited curses the average filmgoer. The trend continues with AAA beautifully(!) blended with the exotic flavour of mass masala dialogs, slow motion walks and painstakingly loud background score added in by Simbu.

Attempting to explain the story of Anbanavan Asarathavan Adangathavan is easily one of the hardest tasks for any critic now but nevertheless, here we go! Madura Michael in the 80s is in love with Shriya Saran. He’s taken a vow to keep roaming the streets of Madurai, beat baddies and romance whenever possible.

And, there’s Ashwin Thatha who’s an old man. He’s busy every day roaming the city with Tamannah, madly in love with her and indulges in fights wherever possible. The BGM and slow-mo shots accompany STR wherever he goes, whichever role he plays. And, if you could possibly find five differences between the two plots when you watch the movie, you deserve an award (not joking here, you literally do deserve it!).

When the entire group of audience in the theaters feel exasperated, an extremely comical group of Interpol and police officers led by Kasthuri is hunting for a don named Madura Michael in Dubai.

Director Aadhik Ravichandran has shot nearly four hours of the movie out of which bits and pieces of scenes were put together to form AAA1D. An endless loop of repetitive scenes make up for the movie, a paradox and a sense of Déjà vu prevails throughout the 140 minutes of run time. Make sure you don’t miss the punch dialogs every five minutes…you wouldn’t because it’s more than two hours of punch dialogs for men, women, kids, dogs, cats and every other being in Tamil Nadu.

STR’s got his dance moves right and the beauty girls Tamannaah, Shriya Saran had done their glamor as far as the censors would allow. Rajendran, VTV Ganesh, Kovai Sarala and many others are in for the comedy(!) It seems the director has pledged to have double meaning dialogs whenever possible and has meticulously constructed a tower for STR fans which crumbles in the face of a common man.

Fun Fact: AAA1D is just the beginning. The filmmakers have shot AAA2D, part two of the movie which should hit theaters soon.

Thumbs Up

·         STR is in each and every frame with lots and lots of preachy punch dialogs

·         Yuvan has tried his level best to have loud banging BGM and songs

Thumbs Down

·         AAA is a milestone on crass filmmaking and could possibly end up as a lesson for most new filmmakers on what not to do when they make a movie

·         Family audience should stay away from this adult film. Preferably anyone should stay away unless they prefer self-inflicted emotional turmoil

Verdict – Don’t watch it if you value your time and money…and your patience