Athagapattathu Mahajanangaley is a breezy, joy ride right from the beginning as soon as the movie begins. The movie’s director Inbasekar is a welcome addition to Kollywood, for he has managed to deliver such a simple storyline in an engaging manner with very little commercial compromises.

A special mention goes to the completely new cast featuring Umapathi and Reshma Rathore. Flavored with Karunakaran’s comedy and a script that has some minor surprising elements throughout, it continues to keep you engaged throughout the short run time.

Umapathi loves music and he is a guitarist which is established as soon as the movie begins. When he spends a night guarding a villa instead of his friend, a robbery takes place where he loses his guitar. The problem is that, the guitar has his name, contact address and all other details which might land him in trouble.

Making use of an opportunity that falls by, Umapathi enters the house owned by Naren to find the robbers and retrieve his guitar. He is helped by his close friend Karunakaran in his quest and also falls in love with Reshma who happens to be Naren’s daughter. It is up to him to find what the robbers were trying to find in the house and find his guitar.

Director Inbasekar doesn’t spend too much time in trying to make the hero fall in love but rather infuses everything as part of the script including comedy. Karunakaran is an able actor and his natural expressions with quick dialogs is sure to make you chuckle now and then. Being Thambi Ramaiah’s son is just a visting card but Umapathi shows great potential as a newcomer and if he could slightly alter his accent, he could go places with more such thriller comedies in the future.

Reshma is more of a supporting character than a heroine and the entire supporting cast including Manobala and the rowdy gang have done their roles to perfection. Cinematography by PK Varma looks gorgeous in the songs however D Imman’s songs are simply out of context and fails to impress.

With plenty of comedy from start to end combined with a decent storyline, Athagapattathu Magajanangaley is a safe bet for the production house Silver Scrreen Studios and is as entertaining as it should be.

Thumbs Up

·         A promising debut by actor Umapathi who handles the role of a naïve youngster with a sense of coolness.

·         Karukaran is the star of the match with his one liners and quick counter dialogs keeping the runtime fun

·         A plotline that is different from the commercial films.

Thumbs Down

·         The movie focuses more on slapstick comedy and may disappoint viewers who expect logical explanations

Verdict – Comedy entertainer