96 is a Tamil romantic drama film written and directed by C. Prem Kumar. 96 film features Vijay Sethupathi and Trisha Krishnan in the lead role. The music for the film 96 is composed by Govind Menon.

Debutant director Premkumar has neatly written this full-fledged romantic script by packaging it with a lot of beautiful moments in 96. The situations and characters are very lively and natural and, hence it is easy for us to connect with the emotions right from the get-go. The travel period in 96 story and timeline shifts provide a feel-good nostalgic touch along with the meticulously written dialogues, which make way for some cute conversations between the lead pair.

The narrative flow throughout is poetic and sweeps us off the feet with realistic narration and close-to-the-heart sequences and, at no point does the film lose its momentum with the love angle turning out to be eternal here. Premkumar has presented 96 so well with a character-driven narration as it gives a solid and strong foundation to the plot.

Vijay Sethupathi as Ram hits it out of the park by coming out of his comfort zone and it is an absolute delight to see him perform and convey dialogues in a calm and composed manner. On the other hand, Trisha as Janu has lived her character and this can be declared as the role of a lifetime for her after Jessie in Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa. Not only does she have ample scope for performance, but she slips into her role casually as her presence is so natural.

Supporting artists also grab the limelight especially Janagaraj, whom we are seeing after many years and it is pleasant to witness the veteran actor back on the screen. The chemistry between the lead-pair holds the show to a vast extent and their romance is refreshing all throughout the narrative. The artists chosen to play the younger school days Vijay Sethupathi (Aadithya Bhaskar) and Trisha (Gouri G Kishan) were amusing in their own way as they have given commendable performances too. 

Music director Govind Menon has added a big value to 96 with his songs as they come in to be soothing and soulful. Furthermore, the background score in the film is perhaps one of the best in recent times in Tamil cinema as well as in the romance genre sinc it lends tremendous strength throughout the course of the film's duration. Cinematography by Mahendiran Jeyaraju and N. Shanmuga Sundaram is top-notch as they provide a different look and flavor to the film and, this is most evident during the sequences shot during night-time. Editor R. Govindaraj has taken the smart route by resorting to less number of cuts to make the approach realistic considering the film's story takes place in one night and at no point does the technical expertise disengage the viewers as the drama flows naturally without any elements that are forced into the plot.