<p> Comedian Vivek who is fondly known as the Chinna Kalaivanar of Tamil cinema is busy once again after a short break and this time, he has a whole lot of amazing roles.<br /> <br /> Majority of them are character driven as the actor has outgrown himself to play as the hero&rsquo;s friend anymore. &ldquo;When Santhanam approached me to play a supporting role in his movie, he promised me that he wouldn&rsquo;t make comedy scenes by playfully mocking me,&rdquo; shares Vivek.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;But, punchy liners had always been a huge plus for Santhanam and even I have been in his same position with heroes in the past. I requested him to be cool with me and it was such a pleasant working experience with him for Sakkapodu Podu Raja,&rdquo; adds Vivek.<br /> <br /> He also plays prime roles in <em>VIP 2</em> with Dhanush, Hip Hop Tamizha&rsquo;s <em>Meesaya Murukku</em> and a couple of other films.</p>