One of the most adored stars in the Tamil film industry, actor Vijay Sethupathi is a busy man with a handful of projects lined up for the year ahead.

That said, the 'Makkal Selvan', who had participated in the 51st Anniversary of the Stunt Union, was queried regarding the brutal rape and murder of an eight year old girl.

Addressing the press, Vijay Sethupathi stated, "It hurts a lot to think about the incident. Apart from the ones who have committed the heinous crime, there are some who are supporting it. We have been taught to respect women, but it looks as if the next step will be to teach how to respect little girls. She was a little child. This is extremely disheartening."

He further went on to state, "When I think about those who are supporting the barbaric act, it makes extremely angry. To top it off, educated people are doing it which is outright unbearable."

Vijay Sethupathi said, "There are women in all households as a mother, a sister, a wife and as a friend. It baffles me as to how to teach people to respect and treat women properly. Then, there are some others who are trying to justify the incident. This is totally unacceptable."

He then added, "Frequently, we are being diverted and not allowed to focus on one single issue. Even now, the question, 'which religion or caste are you?' is being practised as a norm here. It is up to us to be careful. These things are given importance when primary issues like unemployment, better standards for living, water crisis or other problems are not addressed properly."

The actor concluded saying, "No matter what punishment is served next, it just won’t be fitting. But, the guilty must be punished. And, when I think about those who are supporting the crime, I feel like saying abusive words against them."

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