Sarkar starring Thalapathy Vijay is already a blockbuster with huge numbers at the box office collecting 150 crores in just four days. The venture faced roadblocks from now and then but the Sarkar kept on rolling with the support the fans.


Apart from the fans, theaters owners are also having a happy time as the movie is doing houseful shows through the initial week. One of the most celebrated theaters in the state, Ram Muthuram Cinemas celebrated the release of Sarkar with two big 175 ft cutouts of their star which got the attention of everyone. The theater has been celebrating the success of Sarkar every day and now has given a strong statement through their tweet on the venture.


The tweet read, "Reviews & Online opinion won't affect actorvijay movies usually, that too a festival release. More than calling it #Sarkar it's a " Vijay Padam " for general audience, he had created a brand for himself. Houseful Night Show Ahead !!".


With the support of the fans and the theater owners, Sarkar is having a smooth run and is expected to break many records on its way.