Following the protest by AIADMK party cadres, Sarkar team has removed the controversial scene and have muted three words from the movie. The newly edited version of the movie has been censored and the censor details reveal the actual scene that has been edited and muted.


The edited scenes are, 

1 - Visuals of people throwing government mixers and grinder in the fire in the song 'Oru Viral Puratchiye'.

2 - Has muted the word 'Komala' from the full name 'Komalavalli' played by Varalaxmi Sarathkumar. The word has been muted in every scene that was used.

3 - Has muted the word 'Podhupanithurai' - Spoken by Vijay

4- Muted the words '56 Varusham'


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The scenes have been removed as per AIADMK Ministers' demand as the scenes are made in a way of mocking their government.