Thalapathy Vijay has a huge fan base and the number also includes many big celebrity names in the industry and it is a well-known info that the veteran actor Nasser's son Faizal is an ardent fan of Vijay as Nasser has mentioned it in many situations. Vijay even met Faizal personally and spent some quality time after the later met with an accited a few years back and even took photos with him.


On Saturday, Vijay who attended the marriage function of Ramesh Kanna's son as a surprise paid a surprise visit Faizal on his birthday. Vijay spent some time with Faizal and also was present during the cake cutting. Nasser's wife Kameela took it to Twitter and posted the birthday celebration photos. The pictures went viral on all the social platforms and everyone was stunned by Vijay's sweet gesture.





Thalapathy Vijay Surprise Visit on Actor Nassar Son's Birthday Celebration