Suchitra S Rao came to the limelight after her book titled The Highway Mafia became the best seller in recent times. Born in Chennai and brought up in Madurai, Suchitra has been an active volunteer for various social causes which also involved addressing cattle trafficking. The Highway Mafia transpires the combat between a businessman named Arjun Krishan against the cattle trafficking mafia in India in an engaging manner.


In a recent interview, Suchitra came across the question about who would she choose to play the lead for the movie that can be made based on The Highway Mafia. Suchitra chose Sushant Singh Rajput for Hindi, Mahesh Babu for Telugu, Yash for Kannada and Thalapathy Vijay for Tamil.


Reports suggest that there are talks to transform the book into a feature film and it will be interesting to see Vijay face the menacing mafia in a crime thriller.