Both actress Nayanthara and director Vignesh ShivN have been seen together for a while and the pictures the two have posed for have set fans talking about their relationship.

Towards the end of last month, Nayanthara, lovingly called by her fans as 'Lady Superstar', had attended an awards function honoring women achievers at Chennai where she thanked all the people in her life who have been supportive of her over the years.

She went on to make a reference to her "fiance" and the statement suggested the two are indeed in a relationship despite no direct testimony as yet.

Meanwhile, Vignesh ShivN took to his Instagram page a short while back to post pictures of himself along with Nayanthara taking part in the the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival at West Hollywood, California.

These pictures will no doubt keep fans talking for a while more for sure. 

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