A raging controversy over the past two days has been veteran actor Radha Ravi’s questionable and inappropriate statements against actress Nayanthara at the Kolaiyuthir Kaalam trailer launch on Saturday (23.03.2019).

Many notable celebrities from the Tamil film industry including the common folk have been criticizing and condemning against Radha Ravi for his statements against Nayanthara.

It must be noted this is not the first time Radha Ravi’s comments have come under scrutiny as the actor was also called out during the MeToo controversy by many in the industry. 


Meanwhile, actress Nayanthara had also been called out indirectly by actor Siddharth on Twitter for keeping quiet during the MeToo movement, which can be viewed in the tweets below:

Subsequently, director Vignesh Shivan took to his Twitter page to issue a statement regarding Siddharth's opinion saying one’s silence on social media cannot be interpreted as not supporting a cause. His detailed response is as follows:

Now, Siddharth has gone on to delete his tweets out of respect to women and survivors stating they fail to communicate what he feels owing to him needing more words to clarify them .

He then added there is no need for muddled statements from men like him at this stage while concluding with an apology saying the MeToo movement is more important.