Actor Ram Kapoor is known for his role in the TV series Bade Ache Laggte Hai, which has been dubbed in Tamil as Ullam Kollai Poguthada. He has also acted in a couple of movies like, Student Of The Year, Shaadi Ke Side Effects, Humshakals and Baar Baar Dekho to name a few. The actor took the internet by a storm when he posted the pictures of his heavy weight loss transformation on Instagrram and his fans couldn't keep calm.

In the series of selfies, Ram had posted and showed off his leaner physique. He also seems to be flaunting a new look, French beard with salt and pepper hair. Immediately after waking up, Ram heads straight to the gym, for heavy weight training and does not consume anything prior to this.

And in the night, he switches to intense cardio work out, before hitting the sheets. He also fasts for 16 hours and counts every calorie intake. It has been learnt that the intermittent fasting is an effective method of dieting that helps cut the kilos. And this diet format does not restrict us from eliminating any particular food item or an ingredient, but rather focuses on the intervals between our meals.

In this 16/8 intermittent fasting schedule, one fasts for 16 hours every day and eats only between noon and the early evening. Ram Kapoor has lost nearly 30 kilos and even his wife, Gautami Kapoor commented, "HOTTTTTIE!" on his Instagram post.

In case you are planning on trying intermittent fasting, ensure that you are fit enough to follow it, and pregnant and lactating women should be more precautious and check with their doctor in order to avoid the side-effects. Listen to what your body says and make sure that you are not pushing yourself too much while dieting and also refrain from stuffing yourself the night before beginning the diet.

This practice would be beneficial when it's followed immediately after waking up which would help in burning the fat stored in the body for energy. This also in turn helps in supporting your body's natural sleep-wake cycle.