Garjanai is an upcoming movie of Trisha, which is said to be inspired from Anushka Sharma's NH 10, is a woman centric movie. It is directed by Sundar Balu with Motta Siva Ketta Siva fame Amresh Ganesh will composing the music. In a recent interaction with the director, he had stated that the story of Garjanai is that Trisha's boyfriend would be framed for a crime that he hasn't committed. When Trisha tries to recover him from the same, she faces an incredible loss and how she avenges the goons is the rest of the story.

Sundar Balu added that the very reason Trisha chose Garjanai while acting big-budgeted movies is the premise of the movie. In the same, he also stated that Trisha that she's a dedicated for having performed in the action scenes just as a action hero would do. Furthermore, the director said that the movie will definitely be an important one in Trisha's career.

While the stunts are directed by Supreme Chandar, the dance moves are choreographed by Nobel. With K. Chitti Babu is cranking the camera the movie features Vamsi Krishna, Vadivukkarasi, Sriranjani, Amit Bhargav,  Thavasi, Swaminathan and Madurai Muthu among the others. Produced by Jones and presented by SDC Pictures, the maker of Garjanai are planning for an August release.