The Predator is an upcoming Hollywood action thriller presented by 20th Fox Century. The film is directed by Shane Black of Marvel’s Iron Man 3 fame. The cinema fans all over the globe must be aware of the ‘Predator’ franchise.

The first ever Predator movie came out 30 years that starred Arnold Schwarzenegger became a mega-blockbuster. After that, the same concept was remade several times in which very few movies managed to impress the fans. And now, the famous series is back again.

The trailers are attractive and packed in an ultimate action-packed way. They promise a quality product. And with a proven filmmaker, we can expect some good stuff from this team.

Initially, the brand new Predator was scheduled to release worldwide on September 14th. But, September 13th is a holiday in South India due to Vinayagar Chathurthi festival, the Indian distributor, ‘Fox Star India’ have decided to release the movie nationwide on 13th September (Thursday).