Kollywood has a strong liking towards Madurai and many of the super hit or decent films that were shot in the city. The city gets the credit for many popular films like Dhool, Ghilli, Jigarthanda and plenty of Vijay Sethupathi flicks.

Making films in or around Madurai had led to the successful formula that Kollywood filmmakers believe in. Director Pon Ram who is working with Siva Karthikeyan made Samantha mesmerize all youngsters when she dressed up in half saree. It was in Tenkasi though which is a saving grace for the action films that revolve around Madurai. But, Vishal is not going to give up easily on his Madurai sentiment.

Director Lingusamy has come up with Sandakozhi 2 which will continue the Madurai magic but in Chennai as important streets and temples from the Temple city is being recreated in Binny Mills at a whopping cost of Rs. 6 crores. Is it worth the investment than shooting there directly? Will the sentiment still work? We hope it does!