‘Thalapathy’ Vijay surprised everybody with his thunderous speech at the Sarkar audio launch leaving his fans ecstatic while many others pondering if he was indeed planning on a political entry next.

Thalapathy Vijay at Sarkar audio launch

That said, AIADMK minister R. B. Udhayakumar has now questioned Vijay’s speech asking, “Vijay has been looking to enter into politics for quite sometime. His father too has been trying to help him get started on the political front, but Vijay has been hesitant to do so. Now, if he’s found the courage to make an entry, let him come. If he survives without getting hurt, it means he is wise.”

AIADMK Minister RB Udhayakumar

R. B. Udhayakumar further stated, “Vijay doesn’t know what politics is about. He has formed the impression that he is like MGR just because a couple of fans cheered for him. If you look at the current trend in Tamil Nadu politics, anybody who criticises Amma’s government is being looked at like a hero. There is a thought that since Edappadi Palaniswami and O. Panneerselvam have humble backgrounds, sharp criticisms can be made and the media will give more importance.”

Thalapathy Vijay at Sarkar audio launch

The ADMK minister then added, “It must be noted that actors when they make such statements are not offending us, but the people of Tamil Nadu. It will only hit them back. The job of an actor is to act accordingly to the dialogues given to them. They can concentrate on doing just that since we are governing the state in the right manner. Why is this a worry for them? Did the people call Vijay into politics saying our state is not in a good condition?”

Thalapathy Vijay at Sarkar audio launch

R. B. Udhayakumar concluded his statement saying, He then goes on to tell he will not act in films if he becomes the Chief Minister. He can act as the Chief Minister in films, which people will enjoy. But, to have the responsibilities of a CM is no simple affair. Actors generally speak dialogues for one hour and then head to their caravans to rest for three hours. I feel this lengthy explanation is enough for Vijay.”

Thalapathy Vijay at Sarkar audio launh