We had earlier today reported how actor Vijay had paid a visit last night (June 5) to the families of the victims who had passed away during the recent Sterlite protests at Tuticorin.

New reports are now doing the rounds stating the Thalapathy 62 star had offered condolences to as many as 9 families and also with a financial assistance of Rs. 1 lakh to each family.

Meanwhile, the reason behind ‘Thalapathy’ Vijay’s decision to visit the families at night is said to be primarily to avoid any fanfare that would have occured had he went over during daytime.

It is said the actor wanted his visit to signify honesty and was the main reason why he chose to see them at night.

Despite keeping his appearance a low key affair, there were a few who requested to take selfies and photographs with Vijay, who politely declined saying it was not the time or the occasion. 

On the other hand, Vijay did suggest those present there to get in touch with the respective Vijay Welfare Clubs for a meeting and photograph session with him. 

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