One of the biggest stars in Tamil cinema and in south India, ‘Thala’ Ajith enjoys massive a fan following and has been an inspiration to many in the film fraternity as well as among the common folk.

Ajith had recently wrapped up shooting for his upcoming film, Nerkonda Paarvai, being directed by H. Vinoth under Boney Kapoor’s Bayview Projects LLP banner with music by Yuvan Shankar Raja and will hit screens worldwide on August 10.

It must be noted Ajith has also signed up for another film, Thala 60, and once again under Boney Kapoor’s Bayview Projects LLP banner with its release planned for summer 2020.

That said, Ajith, who has left fans enamoured with him over his three decade illustrious career, has now been showered with praises from reputed Tamil anchor and host, Gobinath Chandran.

During an exclusive interview with Galatta, Gobinath went on speak about his experiences with Ajith saying, “Initially, Ajith had not given me an one-to-one interview. I went and told him it would be nice to do an one-to-one interview, but he hesitated. However, he was convinced and agreed later on.”

Gobinath continued saying, “I have felt that by nature Ajith is a good human being. During our interview at the Green Park hotel in Chennai, he was in a hesitation mode in the beginning. He was being selective with the words he was speaking. There were two cameras and I instructed my team to turn them off. I then told Ajith I don’t need to make you utter words to make this interview a hit. Your presence alone is going to make it a big success. I will only ask good questions and I have belief that will fetch enough momentum for this interview. You can trust me.”

Gobinath then told what Ajith had said to him and stated, “Ajith told me that in the beginning, he didn’t know Tamil quite well. At that point, there was criticism for that. That is when he said he started including English in his interactions and opinions started flying around that being a Tamil actor, how can one keep conversing in English. As a result, he didn’t know whom to clarify this with as he had no background in cinema before. He then told me he started avoiding this altogether. For that, there were statements that he was being arrogant. At that point, he said he didn’t know what to do as every action of his was being judged.”

The popular Tamil anchor continued speaking about Ajith saying, “Ajith told me he initially didn’t know the meaning for certain words and started realizing they were being misconstrued with sensational titles. That is when he told me he chose to keep quiet and remain silent. It was then when I comforted and told him no such thing will happen in this interview. You are free to talk all that is in your mind. After that, he was very happy.”

Gobinath then went on to share interesting personal details about Ajith saying, “I asked Ajith about the books he likes to read since there is more to an artist than how he appears on the screen. He has a personal life too and many have the curiosity to know about that side too. I used to wonder what does he do in his free time. If you look at why Ajith’s photo at his daughter’s school went viral on social media, it is because it is a surprise that a star as big as himself is being so simple. That connected well with the audience and everybody celebrated it. He then told me nobody had asked him regarding the books he reads and then shared a few titles, which I went online to know more about and found his choices to be quite interesting.”

In conclusion, Gobinath stated, “Ajith is a person, who will pick up where he left off with the same spirit and will remember things about you. He is a plain person and has quoted the several occasions he had seen me at my work on TV. As I said earlier, by nature, he is a good human being.”

Check out the Gobinath's full interview in the video below: