There have been several instances where many have faced hassles in the form of verbal and physical abuse by cab drivers and in one such shocking incident, a popular Bengali television actress named Swastika Dutta had to undergo a traumatic experience when she was pulled out of the Uber car she was traveling in Kolkata by the cab driver.

Swastika Dutta uber car incidentSwastika Dutta uber car incident

Swastika Dutta stated that she had faced the ordeal when she was en route for a shooting and her unit was waiting for her arrival at the spot after which she was removed forcibly from the cab. The actress went on to then say that she had informed her father and added that she would resort to all legal steps to see to it that the individual is punished. She had narrated the entire incident in a detailed Facebook post which can be seen below:

Swastika Dutta cab driver case

Swastika Dutta cab driver case

She had also posted images of the cab driver, the ride and destination details and the car registration number, which in quick time went on to go viral on social networking forums. In response, the Kolkata police too have assured Swastika Dutta that necessary action has been initiated while stating the culprit will not be spared.

Swastika Dutta uber car driver incidentSwastika Dutta uber car driver incidentSwastika Dutta uber car driver incident