All set for release tomorrow (March 1), Oviya’s first full-fledged role film, 90ML, since her stint in the first season of the hit reality TV show, Bigg Boss, has tremendous hype and anticipation surrounding it.

An adult comedy drama, the film has been directed by Anita Udeep under the Nviz Entertainment banner with music by STR and includes Oviya, Bommu, Masoom, Shree Gopika, Monisha, Anson Paul and Tej Raj in starring roles.

Oviya in 90ML

With 90ML coming out tomorrow, the makers have now released a new making video of Simbu in a background score recording session for the film, which can be viewed below:

One of the biggest USPs of the film is STR’s inclusion as the composer with the “Marana Matta” song going on to become a huge hit among fans. The song, which was released as a 2018 New Year special treat has since turned into a party track featuring in the playlists of many youngsters and all eyes will now be set on his background score, which his ardent fans will no doubt be looking forward to hear next tomorrow.

STR Simbu and Oviya in 90ML

Expectations for the film are massive after the release of the trailer as well as the “Marana Matta” video song including the TV spot promos that have come out over the past few days.

90ML has become one of the most debated films in recent times for its content with a few showing disinterest while many others state it is yet another movie that needs to not be scrutinized before it has come out in the public eye.

Oviya in 90ML