Srikanth's favourite actress

Srikanth has got a really special place in the hearts of women after his Mercury Pookal. Srikanth came into the Tamil film world through his Roja Kootam. “It is the support given by the people that have made me a good actor. Films like April Maathathil and Parthiban Kanavu have given me a star actor status. Many actresses with whom I have acted have been too short for me. The perfect person whom I felt comfortable with the height is Namitha. She acted with me in Pambarakannalae. Actresses who have come from Kerala are doing a real good job. I feel it tough at times to act with them. Mercury Pookal is doing really well at the box office, thanks to discerning audiences. Both I and Meera Jasmine have done good jobs. Watch the film and enjoy. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year.”