Directed by AR Murugadoss and starring Mahesh Babu and Rakul Preet, Spyder is poised to take over the world! The movie is a spy thriller with Mahesh at his suave best. Made simultaneously in Telugu and Tamil, the movie's audience span has exceeded expectations and not just in India.

In the last few years, given the number of NRIs in the US, the market for Indian movies has increased there. And after Baahubali's global success, the world has been alerted to South Indian cinema as well. Baahubali released in close to 1000 screens in the US which is the biggest release an Indian movie has ever seen in their country.

Ever since the audio launch the expectation from the movie has increaed exponentially. Turns out the movie will release in at least 800 screens in the US – this is the biggest release abroad for Mahesh Babu, and the second biggest release for an Indian movie.