Sivakarthikeyan has been having a flourishing career despite a couple of downfalls and has 4 movies lined up to hit the silver screens. SK 14 is directed by "Indru Netru Naalai" fame, R. Ravikumar, SK 15 is titled "Hero" directed by P S Mithran, SK 16 by Pandiraj, whom he has already collaborated with, twice and SK 17 by Vignesh Shivan. Currently he is juggling multiple projects and active on social media, replying to fans, directors and followers.

On the morning of 17th July, Hero director P S Mithran had put up a fun tweet with a picture that read, "#BreakingNews @george_dop got caught trying to escape the country. #Pudichitten #PudichiJailaPodungaSir @Siva_Kartikeyan nae, maattikitaapla nae! #Hero shooting schedule will start soon". For the same, Sivakarthikeyan, who apparently was right beside the director replied for the tweet wrote, "Ipdi sollitu neengalum escape aaguringa polayae Mr.Mithran.." Eventually, this thread turned into an unintended announcements of Sivakarthikeyan's line ups. See for yourselves!

Sivakarthikeyan thread 1

Sivakarthikeyan thread 2

Sivakarthikeyan thread 3

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