Sivakarthikeyan’s Seemaraja has been successfully running on theatres and entertaining family audience. The combo has once again proved that this Seemaraja is a hat-trick hit for the team. Recently, Sivakarthikeyan who is a sensational star for the current generation,spoke to us in a very jovial manner when we inerviewed him for Seemaraja.

We asked him about “How Moonu is different for your career when working as a comedian at that time and how it is diffrent from your current career as a Hero?”

He replied that “While shooting for Moonu as a comedian i already completed 3 films. 2 as a Main Lead and as a comedian in Moonu. I was waiting for people’s opinion and choice. I planned to opt the most targeted film chosen by the audience at that time. But luckily all the 3 films was a hit. And then everything happened!”