<p> Singer Soumya Srinivasan, is a popular Carnatic music singer who has also judged various seasons of a popular reality singing competition. She is the co-founder of Carnatica, an institution dedicated to music and dance. Nadanubhava, the first comprehensive reference CD-rom on carnatic music was co-authored by her. That&#39;s not all, she is also a visiting professor at the Advanced School of Carnatic Music of the Music Academy, Madras.</p> <p> Apart from music, she has also learnt Chemistry and Sanskrit. She is a gold medallist in B.Sc. Chemistry and a Ph.D holder after her research on the effects of temperature variations on the pitch of Mridangam. She has received more than 30 awards in the field of music. The versatile singer will soon be debuting as an actor in the upcoming Tamil film <em>Vaanavil Vaazhkai</em>, directed by anchor and music director James Vasanthan. This is his first movie as a director. Wishing the <em>Vaanavil Vaazhkai </em>team and singer Soumya great success in their venture.</p>