Singayil Gurushetram movie review: First Tamil movie from Singapore

We had reported few months ago that Singayil Gurushetram is the first Tamil movie to be produced in Singapore. After the movie’s successful run in Singapore and in box offices overseas, Singayil Gurushetram has hit screens in India. We watched and reviewed this landmark movie made by our Diaspora in Singapore. Read the review and hit cinemas to watch Singayil Gurushetram as our Singaporean Tamils have supported our Tamil movies for decades. Read the review of Singayil Gurushetram below:

Singayil Gurushetram shows the life of a Tamil family in Singapore and how their life turns upside down when they are caught smuggling drugs. The movie opens with young Prakash and his disabled brother Subra waiting outside a prison to see their mother, who is in death row for drug trafficking. Prakash’s family hopes that the final mercy plea to the President will save their loved one...Read on

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