Sindhu Menon shines in Eeram

Sindhu Menon's performance in Eeram has brought her unstinted praise from audiences. As Ramya Balakrishnan and as a ghost, the actress stole the thunder from the other cast members.

Sindhu's last movie (another water related title) was Samudiram (2001). "Though I earned a good name in Samudiram, offers were not forthcoming," says Sindhu candidly. For the Keralite, accepting roles in Telugu and Kannada movies turned out to be the right choice. Then came the unexpected call from director Arivazhagan.

Just as a sweet-maker does not eat his products, Sindhu says she has no belief in ghosts, though she convincingly appears as one in Eeram.

With this newfound popularity, Sindhu is hoping for an extended innnings in Kollywood