Tamil Nadu is at present going through several crises with the most talked about issues being the Sterlite factory in Tuticorin as well as the setting up of the Cauvery Management Board. As known already, the Nadigar Sangam had organized a silent protest earlier this week to get the word out on the same among the masses.

Actor Simbu, who had not participated in the Nadigar Sangam protest had addressed the media on the same day as well as shared his views on trying to bring a resolve to the whole Cauvery crisis.

During his interaction with the press on Sunday, Simbu had requested the people of Karnataka to show their support by making a video of them sharing a glass of water with a Tamilian. 

Soon after, the people in Karnataka doing the same along with a voice note to Simbu’s 'Unite for humanity' quest.

Having said that, Simbu had posted his views yesterday thanking the people of Karnataka. In his statement, STR said, "I feel happy witnessing so many people from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and show their respect to what I said and also extend their love for each other. I would first like to thank the people of Karnataka for the love they have showered upon me. For many years, there has been a perception that the people of Karnataka are against the Tamils. My intention was to change the image of the people of Karnataka and I am quite happy that many have come out in support to implement my suggestion."

He further stated, "I would also like to thank my fellow Tamil people who came out to support my suggestion on the people of Karnataka not being bad. It is the political system around us that has led to such a state in our thinking of them. I don’t consider this to be my victory alone, but a triumph for all of us. This peace movement was given not much importance by a majority of the media as they ran other news stories and only few media companies stepped forward in carrying this out to the people. I want to extend my gratitude to those media companies as they have made the people realize their intentions were to make people fight and not come together in unity. This is a big victory for all of us and we will now show how much love can accomplish. We will spread the message of love, unite for humanity and also make them realize our power. They all will know soon."

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