Arjun’s 150th film Nibunan directed by Arun Vaidiyanathan has earned so much respect and fame for the star. The movie’s supporting cast played a huge role in making it such a huge success.

While Prasanna and Varalaxmi took care of the investigative part, it was Shruthi Hariharan who won the hearts of many by playing the doting wife. She did a graceful performance as a heroine who has to emote a lot, especially when her husband is involved in such a dangerous job and is suffering from a medical condition at once.

“It was quite a challenge to play a wife who is concerned yet confident about her husband’s situation. I am really glad to be a Tamil girl and to have pulled off such a challenging role in one of the iconic movies like Nibunan. We worked so hard and it is a deserving success, I feel so,” said Shruti.