Musical legend AR Rahman has opened up about director Shankar and their dream project ‘2.0’.

Talking about Shankar and ‘2.0’, AR Rahman said, “He is the right person! Anybody else would have broken by now. He is like an iron man and held on to it and said, "I won't compromise, I want this quality."

Rahman also added, “It's on 3D and I just watched one song and how he did, no CG and it was just mind-blowing. And I said, this guy, only this guy can do this. There is this whole climax scene which is incredible. For an Indian to think like that is inspiring. We are so blessed to have him. And of course, we have Superstar, Akshay Kumar which adds to it”

The teaser of the mega project starring superstar Rajinikanth and Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is expected to be released on August 15, 2018, and the movie is scheduled to hit the screens on November 29, 2018.


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