Seeking substantial roles: Black belt Sandhya Shetty

Sandhya Shetty's brief moment of fame in Kollywood was in a solitary song in 1977 which featured Sarathkumar and Namitha in lead roles.

Sandhya is back in Chennai, albeit for a different reason. The pretty girl is participating in the karate selection trials to pick the Indian squad for the next Asian Games.

Sandhya says her passion for dance helps her karate training. "You stretch your body in dance which releases the muscles and facilitates leg movements," says this karate exponent with a black belt.

On her other passion (movies), Sandhya said she is keen to act but the roles should be substantial, not just a single song. Sandhya says she has signed a Hindi film, a thriller comedy and shooting begins in December. Right now, she is busy with karate.