Gearing up for a majestic release this Diwali in November, ‘Thalapathy’ Vijay’s Sarkar being directed by A. R. Murugadoss under the Sun Pictures banner with music by A. R. Rahman is at present in its post-production stages.

Thalapathy Vijay in Sarkar second look

That said, Anitha Sampath, a popular news anchor on Sun TV had taken to her Instagram page to post her experience of working in Sarkar stating her inclusion in the action political drama for a news sequence came as a huge surprise to her.


a®sa®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®•a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½...Successfully completed my news sequence in sarkaar...when vijay came to my Suntv office for sarkaar shoot, i met him and spoke to him after a long waiting..but never thought that i would be included in this film for a news sequence...thank god for the opportunity.. . . . I finished a pretty big passage in a single take..and Murugados sir was so happy and stunned..the whole crew appreciated me as i lessened their work burden and time... . a®Za®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®•ai¿½i¿½a®®ai¿½i¿½ a®sai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ a®i¿½a®i¿½a®sa®i¿½a®•ai¿½i¿½a®• a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®®ai¿½i¿½ a®Za®© a®i¿½a®i¿½a®©ai¿½i¿½ a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½ a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®©a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½..a®i¿½a®®a®i¿½a®'ai¿½i¿½ a®Za®©ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½ a®•a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½a®®ai¿½i¿½ a®Za®©ai¿½i¿½a®©ai¿½i¿½ a®i¿½a®i¿½a®©a®•a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½ a®i¿½a®'ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®sai¿½i¿½a®sai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®•a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½..a®i¿½.a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½.a®®ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®•a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½ a®sa®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½..a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ a®sa®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½..a®i¿½.a®Za®i¿½ai¿½i¿½.a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½..a®i¿½a®i¿½.a®i¿½a®zai¿½i¿½a®sa®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½ a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®©ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ a®i¿½a®i¿½a®•ai¿½i¿½a®•ai¿½i¿½a®©a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®•a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½ a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ a®i¿½a®i¿½a®®a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½a®®a®i¿½a®• a®sa®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½a®•ai¿½i¿½a®•ai¿½i¿½a®®ai¿½i¿½ a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½ a®i¿½a®i¿½a®®ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®®ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½a®•a®i¿½ai¿½i¿½a®•ai¿½i¿½a®•ai¿½i¿½a®®ai¿½i¿½ a®Za®©ai¿½i¿½ a®i¿½a®®a®i¿½a®'ai¿½i¿½a®•ai¿½i¿½a®•ai¿½i¿½a®®ai¿½i¿½ a®i¿½a®©ai¿½i¿½a®i¿½a®i¿½.. #anitha #anithasampath #anchoranitha #suntv #sunnews #vanakkamthamizha #sarkar #vijay

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With the Sarkar audio launch announced to take place on October 2, expectations for the film starring Keerthy Suresh as the female lead have been sky-high since the day the project began rolling.

Thalapathy Vijay and Keerthy Suresh in Sarkar

Sarkar also will feature Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in a pivotal role, who will be joined by veterans Radha Ravi and Pala. Karuppiah as the antagonists.

Thalapathy Vijay and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in Sarkar