Samiksha’s bad luck

Samiksha, the pretty lass who�rose to�fame with the hit Arindhum Ariyamalum is going through a tough time in Kollywood. She has realized that with talent and looks, one also needs a little bit of luck to click in the film industry. This beautiful lady with the perfect figure one can wish for is not only� in short of of good offers but also losing the ones she has in her hand!

Recently, her role in the film Rajathi Raja was cut away because the director thought that the role would not suit the film’s storyline. It doesn’t end there. Samiksha had pinned a lot of hope in the remake of Rajinikanth’s Murattu Kaalai by Sundar C. But the actress was shocked to realize that she has been replaced by Sindhu Tolaani. Sneha is the main heroine of the film. Don’t give up hope Samiksha. Luck is waiting for you around the corner.