This week, we're sure your feed has been flooded with the news from Samantha and Naga Chaithanya's wedding, the befores and afters of the ceremonies, the pictures etc. But we're sure you still have it in you to soak into more and more of the Sam-Chay madness that awaits you. The latest we have is their pictures from the Christian wedding ceremony that took place this evening, and boy oh boy, the couple look gorgeous in their wedding attires! Without futher delay, let us walk you through the ceremony, with just the images.. 

And finally guys.. Its done! They're married and we sure want them to lead the 'happily ever after' sort of life.. But, all's not over yet! There's still the grand wedding reception that will see all the biggies of the film industry! Let's keep our fingers crossed for all the breathtaking pictures that are yet to come our way from the Sam-Chay wedding!