Madras fame Riythvika who is last seen in Torchlight is on cloud nine after winning the Title of Bigg Boss season 2. She has now signed 3 films namely MGR-Biopic , Maadu and Odavum Mudiyaadhu Oliyavum Mudiyaadhu


Riythvika shared some of her happy and sad moment when she spent her time in Bigg Boss house. We asked her "There were talks outside that only 'Riythvika won the title only because she is a Tamil girl'. How do you address it?" 


She replied "I never told only Tamil girls should win the title. I just wished with other even i should be one of the finalists. And i don't think it is wrong to think like that because the groups were separated in the house and they wanted me to get eliminated."


She also stated "Yashika and Aishwarya is portrayed on the other side. Me and Janani on the other side. If you ask Janani too, she will reply the same. We also wanted them to be one of the finalists."